Good design communicates your brand's basic aesthetic. Great design tells your story.

If you're struggling with your current visual brand identity, my in-house graphic designer, Stevo is here to take that worry away. With over 7 years of experience in graphic design & illustration, he is my trusted resource for inspired brand design.

From conception to final design delivery, Stevo provides each business with a thoughtful, detail-oriented experience.  Combined with brand photography, our team effort will leave you feeling confident in your online presence.

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Stevo is a graphic designer & illustrator graduate of Aurora University.  With B.A. in Communication & Graphic Design, he confidently provides clients with clean, purposeful brand identities.  His experience as a digital media coordinator provides him with a unique insight into the ever changing world of social media.  Born in Philadelphia & raised in NJ, he now calls Delaware home & shares his space with his dog Echo.  Stevo is a prolific powerlifter and is always pushing to be the best.  This dedication to continued growth personally & professionally makes him a trusted asset to me and, more importantly, a valuable asset to you. 

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Much like brand photography, consistent brand design helps consumers to confidently purchase from you.  Think of any household name brand in the world.  Nike. Apple. Coca-cola. McDonalds. Starbucks. Google.  What do all of these companies share in regards to their visual identity?  A clean, easy to read logo.  When you see the classic red script of Coca-cola, it's hard not to taste that signature soft-drink.  That is the feeling great design creates.  An immediate connection between brand name & the service or product it sells.

Each and brand design client receives a suite of items to solidify their visual brand identity.  From a main logo to coordinating brand elements, hex colors, and more, you'll have everything you need.  Stevo works hand in hand with brands to show off what makes them unique, just like I do.  Your brand aesthetic and mission will be communicated and honored.  From initial concept to the final design, Stevo will work with you every step of the way to show the world exactly what your brand is all about.  Ready to see the designs?  Keep scrolling!

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