I celebrate all the things I am, all the facets of what makes me who I am, and my hope is that you do too.

My name is Megan and I photograph hospitality & lifestyle brands owned by people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. I believe that the best brand photography highlights the soul of a space and follows a purposeful, emotion-filled narrative.  Before you give me the honor of telling your story, here's a little bit of mine.

I'm an artist, an entrepreneur, a professional hype-girl, & an encourager of dreams.  

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When I'm not helping businesses create original brand imagery, you can find me taking the long way home with the windows down and the radio all the way up.  My rare Saturday evenings at home are spent slowly with a glass of wine in hand, cooking dinner.  I believe that the best things in life are the simple things and that love for the "day-to-day" moments is a driving force in my approach to documenting clients' brand stories.

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My Approach

I wear my heart on my sleeve and it took me almost 25 years to embrace everything that makes me, me.  My laugh is loud, my hair is crazy, I cuss, I'm opinionated and not afraid to share it.  A smoked old fashioned aand spicy margaritas (with a sugar rim) are my drink of choice, no matter the season.

I notice the little things and live for the little moments in life.  How to sum it up?  I know that life is short so I choose to live it with a lot of empathy, passion, and intention so I can thrive instead of just surviving.  

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

I'm 28 years old and I'm happiest when I'm outside with sun on my skin and wind in my hair.  I'm a Leo and an Enneagram Type 2.  See also: I'm loyal to a fault and will do almost anything to help others. 

Music is on in my house and my car 24/7.  There's very little I won't listen to and it's rare for a week to pass without a late night, kitchen dance party for one.

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Now that you know a little about me, I want to share my process.  Click below to learn more about my creative approach to your brand visual needs.