I celebrate all the things I am, all the facets of what makes me who I am, and my hope is that you do too.

My name is Megan & I photograph luxury brands owned by people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. I believe that businesses connect best with their target markets when they share images that are full of emotion & personality.  Before you give me the honor of telling your story, here's a little bit of mine.

I'm an artist, an entrepreneur, a professional hype-girl, & an encourager of dreams.  

hey, nice to meet you

I'm a creative to the core and am most content when I'm behind a camera, singing with my car windows rolled down, or laughing with my head thrown back. When I'm not helping my clients create authentic brand imagery, you can find me with a glass of whiskey in my hand & a big smile on my face. I believe that the best things in life are the simple things & I translate that love for the "day-to-day" moments into the way I document my clients' brands.

and so much more...

your photographer, brand STRATEGIST


My Approach

I wear my heart on my sleeve & it took me almost 25 years to embrace everything that makes me, me.  My laugh is loud, my hair is crazy, I cuss, I'm opinionated & not afraid to share it.  A classic Manhattan or a spicy margarita (with a sugar rim) is my drink of choice, no matter the season.  I notice the little things & live for the simple moments in life like a fresh bowl of pasta or driving with the windows down.  How to sum it up?  I know that life is short so I choose to live it with a lot of empathy, passion, intention, & laughter so I can thrive instead of just surviving.  

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

I'm 27 years old & I'm happiest when I'm outside with sun on my skin and wind in my hair.  I'm a Leo & an Enneagram Type 2.  See also: I'm loyal to a fault & will do almost anything to help others. 

Music is on in my house & my car 24/7.  My playlist ranges from Highly Suspect & J. Cole to Florence & The Machine to RATM...there's very little I won't listen to.

Comfy black outfits with a little streetwear edge are my fav. While I love wearing neutral colors, more is more when it comes to my house.  It is full of bright pinks and yellows, 75+ plants, and a shit ton of vintage hand-stitched wall art.

See anything we have in common?

your biggest business cheerleader

my favs


these boys

The two loves of my life: Jax the cat & Brute the Italian Mastiff.  Brute is the sweetest dog & Jax is quite the little asshole.  But, he keeps life interesting.

Jax & Brute

my favs


past time

Put my happy ass on a plane & show me a new part of the world.  I love exploring new places & cultures and sharing that time with people I love.


my favs


slow evenings

Hand me an apron, fresh ingredients, and open a bottle of red wine.  There's something about cooking with the windows open & music on that I love.


my favs


i've got a green thumb

With 74 plants & counting, it's safe to day my house is a little bit of a jungle and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Crazy Plant Lady

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I book sessions 2-3 months in advance to offer clients a hands-on branding experience.  This allows me to take my time to learn exactly what makes you tick & present you with detailed prep sheets & schedules.  A relaxed approach allows my clients to walk away with images that truly capture their brand story and ensures that their personality is perfectly captured. I'll never be a "show-up and shoot" photographer...never ever ever.

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