Stevo Ruffin Powerlifter \\ Fitness Photographer

Stevo and I hit a rooftop parking garage in Philadelphia to shoot fitness apparel. As a fitness photographer, I chose to light Stevo in a way that would be flattering, show off muscle definition, and preserve the color of his clothing. We shot three separate brands: Ritual Apparel, SlamClub, Boneyard, and The Papa Bear Strong Foundation.

Each gym clothing brand embodied a different feeling so we shot in three separate areas. For Ritual Apparel‘s camouflage shirt, we chose to shoot inside of the parking garage. I lit Stevo with a Magbox and placed a gelled flash behind him. To add a bit more dimension, we incorporated atmosphere aersol. Our second set was to highlight Stevo’s own CPT brand: Boneyard Strength Training. With a focus on simple accessory movements, we captured his branded apparel.

For our third set, Stevo modeled a classic black hoodie designed by Travis Rogers of the Papa Bear Strong Foundation. We ended the shoot on the rooftop to capture images of two SlamClub shirts. The Philadelphia skyline was the perfect backdrop to make the all-black designs pop! I pushed myself as a fitness photographer and was very pleased with the overall look. Scroll to get more rooftop photoshoot inspiration!

Interested in how your brand would look through my lens? Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to chat. You put your heart into your business and that deserves to be seen by the world. Not sold, but want more inspiration? Click here or here to see more of my commercial photography work with small businesses.


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